Public IPv6 Address

Public IPv6 Address

Getting a public IPv6 address is like unlocking the ultimate internet upgrade.

  • Be Your Own Boss - Want to run your own website, email server, or personal cloud? With IPv6, it's a breeze. You get direct, reachable, faster connections without jumping through hoops.
  • Up Your Security Game - IPv6 comes with better built-in security (IPSec) features, keeping your online activities safer without extra effort.
  • P2P Without the Pain - Directly connect with others for gaming, sharing files, or whatever else you're into. No more NAT nightmares.

Static IP

Additionally, with IPv6rs you will have your own static IP that will not change unless you cancel your subscription. No more having to remember about your changing dynamic IP address.

With over 40% of the internet on board and growing, IPv6 is the future. Sign up and be an IPv6r today!

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