Self Host Your Website

Why Self Host Your Website

There are more reasons to self host a website than to use a third party. For starters, your data, including non-public confidential data, can easily be read by your webhost or server provider. Secondly, you probably already have a very strong computer at home that is sitting idle, online, all day. Third, you might be a developer. Fourth, if you want to host your own BlueSky instance, you'll can do so on your own computer.

Instead of paying a third party, it really makes sense to host yourself!

How do I Self Host?

If you run Windows, macOS or Linux, it's really easy. You can download Apache web server for any of these platforms. Additionally, if you program with Python, nodeJS, Go, Ruby on Rails, and a plethora of other programming languages, most come with shipped libraries to spin up a web server instantly! All you need is an externally reachable IP address, which you can get from IPv6rs.

Take Full Control of Your Web Presence

Whether hosting a website, a blog, or your software application, IPv6rs instantly gives you an externally visible IPv6 address. Join now and get started!

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$ cd public_html
$ python3 -m http.server
Serving HTTP on ::1 port 8080 (http://[::1]:8080/) ...