How to Install Betanin on Kali Linux Latest

Betanin is an open-source tool designed to automatically extract sensitive information from public sources. Here's how to install Betanin on Kali Linux Latest.


  1. Kali Linux Latest (2021.3 or newer)


  1. Open the terminal on Kali Linux.

  2. Navigate to the directory where you want to download the Betanin tool.

    cd /opt/
  3. Clone the Betanin repository from GitHub.

    git clone
  4. Change to the Betanin directory.

    cd betanin/
  5. Install the requirements for Betanin.

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  6. Once all the requirements are installed, execute the following command to start the Betanin program:

  7. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Betanin on your Kali Linux machine.


In this tutorial, we have covered the steps to install Betanin on Kali Linux. Follow the steps accordingly and you should have Betanin up and running on your machine in no time.

If you want to self-host in an easy, hands free way, need an external IP address, or simply want your data in your own hands, give a try!