How to Install Snippet Box on OpenBSD

Snippet Box is an online code snippet manager that allows you to store and share code snippets. It is an open-source software that you can install on your own server. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to install Snippet Box on OpenBSD.


Step 1: Install Git and Node.js

$ sudo pkg_add git node

Step 2: Clone Snippet Box Repository

$ git clone

Step 3: Install Dependencies

Navigate to the directory where you cloned the Snippet Box repository.

$ cd snippet-box

Install the project dependencies using npm.

$ npm install

Step 4: Configure Environment Variables

Create a .env file in the root of the Snippet Box directory.

$ touch .env

Edit the file and add the following environment variables:


Replace example.db with the name you want to give to your SQLite database. You can use another database management system supported by Sequelize as well.

Step 5: Build and Start the Application

Use the following command to build the application.

$ npm run build

Start the application using the following command.

$ npm run start

The application should now be running on http://localhost:8080/.


You now have Snippet Box installed on your OpenBSD server. You can access it by visiting the URL mentioned above. You can use this tool to store and share code snippets with your team members or in the public domain. It's a great way to make your code more accessible and collaborative.

If you want to self-host in an easy, hands free way, need an external IP address, or simply want your data in your own hands, give a try!