How to Install Kriss Feed on Void Linux

Kriss Feed is a simple and smart RSS feed reader for the web. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how you can install Kriss Feed on your Void Linux system.


Before installing Kriss Feed, you should make sure that you have the following:

Step 1: Installing Git

Open a terminal and run the following command to install Git on your system:

sudo xbps-install git

Step 2: Cloning Kriss Feed

Next, clone the Kriss Feed repository from GitHub by running the following command:

git clone

The repository will be cloned into a new directory named kriss_feed.

Step 3: Installing Kriss Feed

Copy the kriss_feed directory to your web server's root directory or any other directory where you want to host Kriss Feed. For example, if you want to host Kriss Feed in the root directory of your web server, run the following command:

sudo cp -r kriss_feed /var/www/html/

Change the ownership of the kriss_feed directory to your web server user. For example, if you are using the Apache web server, run the following command:

sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/kriss_feed

Step 4: Configuring Kriss Feed

Copy the config.default.php file to config.php:

cd /var/www/html/kriss_feed/
cp config.default.php config.php

Edit the config.php file to add your own settings. For example:

define('KF_BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/kriss_feed');
define('KF_LOGIN', 'admin');
define('KF_PASSWORD', 'password');

Step 5: Accessing Kriss Feed

Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost/kriss_feed. You should see the Kriss Feed login page. Enter your username and password (as defined in config.php) and click "Log in" to start using Kriss Feed.


That's it! You have successfully installed Kriss Feed on your Void Linux system. You can now start adding your favorite RSS feeds and stay up-to-date with the latest news and stories.

If you want to self-host in an easy, hands free way, need an external IP address, or simply want your data in your own hands, give a try!